Friday, August 31, 2012

All the world's a stage!

One of my favorite things to do with my sisters growing up was to put on performances for our family. Sometimes we put on plays, sometimes we sang, sometimes we danced, oftentimes we sang and danced (this was in the early days of MTV, afterall!). It's something that I have been suggesting to my kids for years when they are wanting something to do, but they have only recently actually liked the idea.

We've spent every day this week filming performances. The best was when the kids decided to perform "Little Red Riding Hood." They decided on roles, gathered up their costumes, and created multiple sets. The kids set up a seating area in the living room and I rigged up a stage with a curtain in the entryway (the one advantage to having a step-down/sunken living room!). We didn't rehearse at all, and I didn't tell the kids what to say when we performed. It was so satisfying to see them act out the familiar story, assigning voices to their characters. My Squeak is definitely a performer. Pixie enjoys performing but gets a little shy in the limelight (when speaking, anyway). I love to see them and wonder what they will be like as teenagers and adults. I have hopes for them based on their personalities (I would love to see my Pixie a ballerina, and hope Squeak will be a musical theater guy), but I am excited to see if they will turn out how I think they might, or if they will go in a totally different direction. Anyway, I've loved seeing their creativity in this totally new realm. They have the best ideas and we've been having so much with this!

Next Squeak tells me he wants to perform "Peter Pan," but I'm trying to think of some good, familiar stories/fairy tales that could be acted out by just the two of them - it's hard! Got any suggestions?


  1. "Hansel and Gretel" or "Jack and the Beanstalk" wouldn't be too much of a stretch with only two actors. Include a variety of stuffed animals for a semi-puppet show arrangement and you can add "The Little Red Hen," and "The Gingerbread Man," too.

  2. Jack and the Beanstalk! Good idea! I tried to talk them into doing "Hansel & Gretel" but S didn't want to... Tonight we acted out the story of the nativity. I love this!

  3. Just make up stories together. Remember "Tommy & Jean" and "Scaredy Bunny?" Timeless! Oh, and dancing to WHAM never gets old, am I right? ;-)